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Peer Tutor Guide



Welcome to the OJC Learning Commons! Being a peer tutor is one of the best jobs on the OJC campus. We know that this may be your first job; we expect you to treat it as a "real" job, not just something to do between classes. We frequently get requests for references of tutors from prospective employers, so keep that in mind and remember that what you do here does make a difference! Please read through all of the documents on this site and let us know if you have questions. Before you begin, here are some best practices to follow so you’re successful in your new position:

- Use mature judgment in the selection of your work attire as you are working in view of the public.

- Arrive on time. Call before your shift starts if you are ill or know that you are going to be late. Call or text Chelsea at (970) 227-4353, and if she doesn’t respond, call the Learning Commons at (719) 384-6882. If you need to request a day off or would like to adjust your schedule, you need to fill out the electronic form and submit it to Hailey by Thursday of the week before the date of your request. Making up absences may be possible depending on scheduling, but frequent and or/unexcused absences or multiple tardies may be grounds for dismissal.

- ​​Please let one of the full-time staff know when you arrive and when you leave. Short breaks under 5 minutes are allowed, but please someone know when you’re taking a break. If your break exceeds 5 minutes without permission from a supervisor, this is grounds for termination, so please communicate with us. Peer tutors are allowed to work for 5 hours at a time. After you’ve worked for 5 hours, you’re required to take a 30-minute break before coming back on the clock.

- Changes in your schedule should be approved through Hailey. You are not allowed to switch hours with another worker without approval. 

- You will be paid twice each month. You are expected to fill in your time sheet daily when your shift is over. You are responsible for the accuracy of your time sheet, and for making sure it is turned in on time. Falsifying your time sheet is grounds for termination of employment. During the school year, you are not allowed to work more than 15 hours a week. 

- Customer service is a very important part of your job. You should always look professional and ready and willing to help. Even if you are working on an assigned task, you should look up from time to time to see if anyone needs help.

- Be courteous, pleasant, and business-like to all members of the college community and to any visitors on campus. Impression management is important in the Learning Commons because we are the central location on campus. Never underestimate the power of your smile.

- Confidentiality is of upmost importance in the Learning Commons. We are not allowed to share information about the materials someone has out or has taken out with anyone other than that individual (or their parents if they are a minor). We are also not allowed to give out any personal information about our patrons. Talk to Chelsea if you have questions.

- Use mature judgment when friends and/or family visit the Learning Commons while you’re working. Taking personal calls behind the desk is discourages, as is allowing students/friends to loiter around the desks. If you need to take a personal call, please do so in the Work Room, café, commons area, or outside, and make sure you let someone know when you need to step away from the desk. We can’t leave the desks uncovered for long periods of time.

- You are expected to eat meals before or after your shift, not at the peer tutor desk. If you must eat snacks, please be discreet and keep them out of sight.

- Although this is a work-study position, HR has clarified that the "study" part does not mean you get to study while you are working, especially when the Learning Common is busy. If you are busy studying, you do not look approachable.

- Be a team player and have fun! In order for things to run smoothly in here, we have to work together like a well-oiled machine. Your presence here matters and we are glad to have you on our team.


Chelsea Herasingh, Ph.D.

Director of the Learning Commons and Educational Resources