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Peer Tutor Guide

Tips for Group Tutoring

Tips for Group Tutoring

The Advantages of Group Tutoring

  • Students benefit from helping each other.
  • The group benefits from a diversity of ideas and points of view.
  • It builds tolerance for differences in background, personality, and intellectual style.

Tips for Successful Group Tutoring

Inclusive Seating.

Arrange seating in a circle to include everyone.

Face the Whiteboard.

When using the whiteboard, be sure everyone can see.

Students Explain.

Have students explain answers, concepts, and definition to each other.

Equalize the Talk Time.

Make sure everyone in the group gets a chance to participate. Control vocal students by ceding the floor to others. For example:  “We’ve heard your thoughts on the previous point, Shawn, let’s see if someone else wants to suggest a different perspective.”


Praise students who come prepared to work.

Encourage Participation.

Provide opportunities for quiet students to participate. For example:

“We haven’t heard from you in a while, Ralph. What do you think of Shawn’s answer?”

Summarize Everyone’s Contribution.

Summarize the contributions of all students and integrate them into a whole. This reinforces learning and helps all to see their contribution and feel included.