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Peer Tutor Guide

OJC Timesheet Information

OJC Timesheet Information

  • As a work study student for, OJC you may not work over 15 hours in one week.
  • Our payroll weeks run from Sunday to Saturday.
  • Time sheets are due every two weeks on the Friday of the second week, no later than 5 PM MST. Failure to update your timesheet at the end of each shift, and failure to submit your electronic timesheet by the deadline are grounds for dismissal.
  • Flex schedules (e.g. working 10 hours one week and 15 hours the next) will be considered on a case-by-case basis and must be approved by Chelsea and Hailey. Please know that if you work less than 15 hours in a week, you may not make up your hours the following week.
  • For peer tutors scheduled to work more than 5 consecutive hours, you must take a half-hour or hour break. You cannot take this break at the end of your shift to allow you to leave early; you must take it during your shift.
  • If you are sick, you need to email or text the Director of the Learning Commons and this information will be passed on to the Educational Resource Specialist for scheduling purposes. You cannot make up lost time without approval.
  • If you know you are going to miss a day of work, you need to fill out the Tutor and Work Study Time Off Request Form at least 48 hours in advance. This form is located online at and the Educational Resource Specialist will review all requests.

Timesheet Reporting Instructions – Hourly Employees

*Timesheet should be completed on a daily basis*

If you submit a timesheet, follow these steps to fill out and submit your timesheet:

  1. Log-on to My OJC Portal (located on OJC’s website at  User Name is your S number (be sure to capitalize the S) and your password is your portal password
  2. Click on your Employee tab and locate the Time and Leave circle. Click on this circle.
  3. Select the Time Report link
  4. Click on the Time Sheet box
  5. If you’re entering your hours correctly, you will automatically be on the correct pay period. If you are not, please elect the current pay period to enter your hours.  You cannot enter hours for a previous pay period
  6. After your shift ends each day, go to the current day and click on Enter Hours. Time must be entered in 15 min increments
  7. Enter Time In as the time you came into work – beginning of the day, after lunch break
  8. Enter Time Out as the time you left work – lunch break, end of day
  9. You will need to change AM/PM as needed
  10. After entering your time in and out for the day, click Save.  Your hours will total automatically
  11. Click Timesheet to return to your timesheet
  12. After you’ve entered your hours for the week, click Next to begin entering hours for the following week.
  13. After you enter all time on your timesheet for 2 weeks, review and then click Submit for Approval

Deadline for Timesheet Submitters:   The last day of the pay period at 5:00 p.m.

If you do not submit a timesheet for the pay period you worked, you will need to contact OJC Human Resources staff as soon as possible.