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Peer Tutor Guide

OJC Documentation Forms

OJC Documentation Forms

Tutor Sign-In Sheet

Each time you work with a student for more than 5 minutes, the student needs to sign-in on the Peer Tutor Sign-In Sheet. Make sure they write down their name, S#, instructor, class, and the time in. We will collect these sign-in sheets each month and enter your data into the Student Access database.

Tutor Documentation Form

If you are a peer writing tutor, you need to fill out the Tutor Documentation Form for every student you spend more than 5 minutes with. This form helps us, as well as instructors, to know what areas need to be touched on more in class, and it helps our tutors know what work has already been done with tutees, what went well, and what needs to be improved. Please keep these forms in your folder so we can review and retrieve them as needed.